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An Overview.

Webbies Direct Group, through its commercial activities, is committed to playing an active role in the upliftment and improvement of the communities it operates in. Our main goal is to become a major Global contributor to programmes that not only provide relief to the distress and underpriviledged, but to also provide solutions and opportunities to those from disadvantaged backgrounds to empower & sustain themselves. It is with great pleasure, honor and gratitude that we announce that we have gone into partnership with the Roodepoort Sports Academy to be a sponsor of their cause. As a start, Webbies Direct Group has pledged to create TEN (10) websites for clients at a minimum of R1500.00, and pass 100% of the proceeds of these websites to the Roodepoort Sports Academy. Details of the program can be found below this post. We believe that the proceeds will go a long way in enabling this amazing Academy to attain and achieve some of its obligations such as sports equipment, logistics, refreshments and so on. If you wish to know more about Roodepoort Sports Academy, please contact Kabelo on: +27 78 665 5233.

What is the Roodepoort Sports Academy?

The Roodepoort Sports Academy is an Academy based in Roodepoort West, Johannesburg, South Africa. Although the Academy currently has Football, there are plans to extend the sporting discliplines to basketball, netball and other related sporting discliplines. There are currently four (4) age groups in Football which are: u11, u13, u17 & Open age groups. The Academy holds training sessions midweek in the afternoon and plays league games on Saturdays & Sundays. Apart from the practice and matches, the Sports academy is a great family venue as well as an excellent location to keep fit through jogging, stretching and other activities. Apart from helping to keep the youth occupied (away from drugs and other naasties) the Academy is a breeding grounding for football talent and it is already apparent that some football icons will rise out of this Academy!

How does it work?

The mechanics of this sponsorship program are as follows: Webbies Direct Group will market for client as per usual practices. However, the clients reached and secured through the charity Promotional Acitvity will be assigned to this special project. The prospective client will recieve a full, mobile-friendly website complete with our entire suite of add-ons and plugins. The actual websites are to range between 4 and 6 pages in size. The client will undertake to pay a minimum of R1500 for the development of their website. They will however, have the opportunity to add extra funds if they so wish since this is a charitable cause. The package excludes Hosting and Domain maintenance.All other terms and conditions remain unchanged. The program will run indefinitely or until our target funds are reached. The goal is to complete 10 websites at a minimum of R1500 (thus raising +-R15000). All proceeds from this project will be passed to the Roodepoort Sports Academy at the end of the program duration.
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