Business Solutions

Solutions geared to streamline your business, improve performance and grow revenue.

Evolve & Adapt

Often a custom application is the only viable method of solving a business problem. Luckily, we have solutions to the challenges faced by most businesses.


Business Solutions Features

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Project Management Tools

Streamline operations. Delegate tasks and projects to your team. Cut down on meetings and see your team on the field, rendering your services to your clients. Collaborate on your projects online in a secure connection. Unlimited users and roles. Measure project progress. Secure chat within your profile. Client account and login option. Globalise your company. Feedback form builders, and more! 

Queue Management Systems

If your business has 3 or more departments and you have a lot of walk-ins, its time you invest in a Queue Management System. Delight your clients and avoid hassles by assigning walk-in clients to the correct department. Extend your system with a Digital Kiosk where clients can choose options related to the purpose of their visit. 

Bus / Hotel / Train Booking Portals

We set up set Booking systems complete with Servers, and Hardware for your business. Improve efficiencies. Clients can book to travel or stay from and device with an internet connection. Become more accessible and generate reports to view various performance parameters. Increase revenue by appealing to a wider audience. 

Taxi / Ride Sharing Apps

Get your very own Taxi Booking or Ride Sharing App and boost revenues! We create custom made Taxi Booking Systems. Complete with a downloadable App for extra loaylty.

Online Education & School Systems

Convert your course materials and load them online in your very own Online Distance Learning Portal. Access a global student base (for international courses). Build revenue with our Online Course and Examinations Systems complete with an App. 

Car Rental Portals

Let us build you an online Car Rental Portal. Clients can pick, hire and pay for you rented cars all online! View the status of your business with a few clicks. Increase loyalty with the App and place your business in the palm of your clients' hands. 

Cash Loan Management Systems

Managing a Cash Loans Business can be a daunting and tedious task. You can avoid all the hassles with our Cash Loan Management Systems. Clients can view loan products, repayments, as well as apply online. Your admin can issue out loans from the backend and generate a vat amount of reports. 

MLM / Binary / Stokvel Systems

Raise funds, or help each other with our Binary / MLM systems. Auto generate activation codes for registering members, adjustable pairing income & much more! Payment gateway intergrated. 

Food Delivery & Waiter Order Apps

Extend sales of your food business with our Online Food Ordering & Delivery Apps. Let your clients view and order your food online and get it delivered to them. You can even accept online payments. Upgrade your restaurant and invest in a Restaurant Inventory and POS system. 

How much will my project cost?

Since every project is unique, it's not possible to give an exact amount. We've created the Quote Builder to help you estimate your project in a few clicks. Use our Quote Builder and instantly know your project estimate!